Alcohol and Drug Intervention

When Do You Need Alcohol and Drug Intervention?

When you can’t get someone you care about to get the alcohol or drug addiction help they need, it’s time for intervention.

Sometimes a family member or friend trying to convince someone they need help just doesn’t work.

Many people have trying talking to the person with the problem, or they beg and plead, get angry, threaten to ‘cut them off’ or  kick them out of the house, threaten to leave them, and so on. And nothing works. In fact, it sometimes makes the situation worse.

Despite what the alcoholic or drug addict says or does, they do really want to get off alcohol or drugs. But it will take someone other than you talking to them about it. Someone who is experienced at dealing with this kind of situation successfully.

That’s where alcohol and drug intervention comes in.

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Why Don’t They Just Get Addiction Help on Their Own, Why do They Need Intervention?

It’s very difficult for an addict to just agree to get help and do it on their own. If they were capable of getting help on their own, they would already have done it.

It’s hard for someone who has never been an addict to understand the hold that alcohol and drugs have on someone.

Not only does it involve very strong physical cravings – and the physical pain without alcohol or drugs, there are also a lot of emotions and confusion involved. When a person looks at the idea of no longer drinking to taking drugs, they also look at the physical and emotional pain they think they will suffer without them.

They need to talk to someone who’s gone through it themselves – and most really good interventionists have been there, done that.

An alcoholic or drug addict often needs to talk to someone about it who has gone through the same thing, and overcome it all, to know that they can do it too – and that it won’t kill them, and that they can turn their life around.

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With the right intervention, you can get the person you care about to get the addiction help they need, and get your life back.