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Not All Drug addiction Treatment Programs Are the Same; Make Sure You Choose the Right One for Your Situation

There are literally hundreds of ways to treat alcohol or drug addiction – and thousands of treatment facilities. But some of them work, and some don’t. And some work better than others.

Why is it important to choose the right alcohol or drug addiction treatment?

If you don’t, the person getting the addiction help could start drinking or taking drugs again. Which will mean more frustration and more worry. Everyone concerned will be right back where they started.

You need professional help to figure out which method is
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What are the Different Types of Drug Treatment?

There are several different types of alcohol and drug treatment:

Drug Detoxification: Basically, alcohol and drug detoxification programs just help a person get through withdrawal. It’s possible that this is right for some people, but it won’t work if someone is really addicted. To find out more about drug detox, call us at 855-895-2317.

Out-Patient Treatment:
This consists of going to meetings with counselors, therapists, and other addicts or alcoholics. Often, the program they do is the 12-step program. But there are many different types of 12-step programs – and some work better than others. See 12-Step Programs for more info.

Short-Term Inpatient Drug Rehab: Short-term inpatient drug rehab programs get the person through withdrawal, as well as giving them some counseling. As with drug detoxification and out-patient treatment, this isn’t going to work for everyone. But it’s right for some.

Long-Term Inpatient Drug Rehab: The most successful of all. These program usually lasts for three to five months, but many of them really get down to the bottom of the alcohol or drug problems to find out why the person is addicted, and help them do what’s necessary to address those issues. People don’t become addicted to drugs easily – and it isn’t necessarily easy to get them to change. If you choose a good long-term inpatient drug rehab, the program will cover every angle, and follow up with them after they leave to ensure everything is stable. People doing this kind of program really change their lives, and for many people on drugs, that’s exactly what they need.

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