Treatment for Women

Alcohol and Drug Rehab for Women

Getting alcohol or drug addiction help is different for men than it is for women. Women have to deal with problems that men don’t usually have.

Are you wondering what will happen to your kids?

Are you afraid that if you admit you have a problem, your kids might be taken from you?

Are you with a man who drinks or takes drugs? Will it cause trouble if you try to get help?

Will you have trouble supporting yourself or the kids without that man in your life?

Has he or some other man abused you sexually or emotionally?

Are you afraid you won’t be able to stay off alcohol or drugs after you finish your addiction treatment?

We understand that you have special needs, and we can help you deal with them so you can get the drug or alcohol addiction help you need.

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Understanding Women Who Use Drugs

Many women who are suffering from alcohol or drug addiction or abuse don’t try to get help because they’re afraid of what might happen.

They fear not being able to take care of or keep their children, they fear their husband or boyfriend will leave them, or not support them if they try to get help.

Sometimes they’re living with men who started them on drugs and if the man is still drinking or taking drugs after treatment it will be very hard for them to stop.

And if the man is against them getting help, the woman might have a hard time supporting themselves and their kids.

Most women who are successful at getting and staying off drugs need the support of their family and friends or community. And they need extra help from the alcohol or drug addiction facility.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re rich or poor, young or old, these problems can be very serious.

But it is possible to get off drugs or alcohol.

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into alcohol or drug rehab.

Why Are So Many Women Using Drugs?

Many women who use drugs have faced serious challenges to their well-being during their lives. For example, research indicates that up to 70 percent of drug abusing women report histories of physical and sexual abuse. Women are also far more likely than men to have had parents who abused alcohol or took drugs. Often, women who use drugs have low self-esteem and little self-confidence, and they may feel powerless. For minority women it can be even worse because they may also be dealing with cultural and language barriers that can affect or hinder their treatment and recovery.

Consequences of Drug Use for Women

Some women get addicted more easily than men, especially to certain drugs – like crack cocaine. Women often get addicted after using a drug experimentally or casually. So by the time a woman enters treatment, she may be severely addicted. So she sometimes needs treatment that figures out what her needs are and what to do about them.

This sometimes includes serious health issues, including:

  • Poor nutrition and below-average weight
  • Low self-esteem
  • Depression
  • Physical abuse
  • If pregnant, preterm labor or early delivery
  • Serious medical and infectious diseases (e.g., increased blood pressure and heart rate, STDs, HIV/AIDS)

Drug Abuse and HIV/AIDS

Did you know that AIDS is a leading cause of death among women of childbearing age in the United States? Hard to believe, isn’t it?

Substance abuse compounds the risk of AIDS for women, especially for women who are injecting drug users. HIV/AIDS often is transmitted through shared needles, and other shared items such as syringes, cotton swabs, rinse water, and cookers. Also, when women are under the influence of drugs and alcohol, they might have unprotected sex, which also increases their risk of getting or transmitting HIV/AIDS.

In 2009, more than 11,000 women were newly diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. One in 139 women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with AIDS, and the most common ways they get it are high-risk sex and injection drug use. A large percentage of those women got it from having sex with men who inject drugs.

Drug Treatment for Women

Women get the most out of drug treatment programs that help them with the basic things they need in life, including:

  • Food, clothing, and shelter
  • Transportation
  • Job counseling and training
  • Help with legal problems
  • Education
  • Parenting training
  • Family therapy
  • Couples counseling
  • Medical care
  • Child care
  • Social services
  • Social support
  • Psychological assessment and mental health care
  • Assertiveness training
  • Family planning services

Most drug treatment programs usually don’t offer all those services.
They also don’t provide someone the women can work with after treatment to help them with the problems they run into in life. Without someone to help see you through those times, it’s easy to get back on drugs. Women need the support of the community and encouragement from those closest to them. So they need people close to them who are not drug users. When you’ve been taking drugs, you might not know many of those people – that’s why it’s important to have people to work with that are not part of the drug community.

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